You are probably searching for a digital marketing manager. You understand the importance of digital representation for your business but don’t know how to deal with it. 

We have some tips for you to prove that you actually don’t need a digital marketing manager at all.

1) These professionals are difficult to find. It’s just hard to find a real expert. It also should be a combination of analytical skills + creativity. And that makes the search even more painful.

2) You will need the whole team for all web-marketing activities – one digital manager is not enough to get the job done.  

3) He/She will cost you a lot: salary, bonuses, social benefits, etc. It's easier and cheaper for you to get it outsourced. Apart from a manager, you will need at least 3 other people - Graphic designer, Copywriter, Content Creator(s). And believe us, they need to know what they do: it can’t be 1 person unless he is a genius with 3 heads and 9 hands. 

4) He/She can be off sick and that's not funny because you can have a very important event or a promotion campaign coming, and nobody to take care of it on the online side of your business.  

5) It's awfully difficult to keep up with the latest changes and digital news. 

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